What could be more fun than giving a maternity gift with the baby’s name. It is unique, personal and also practical. Find inspiration below for the best personalized maternity gifts.

Personalized teat cord

A pacifier clip is nice and very useful. Because the pacifier cord can be conveniently attached to the baby’s clothing with a clip, the pacifier can no longer be left lying around everywhere. It is also handy that it is immediately clear who owns the pacifier, because the name is on the pacifier cord. In addition, it is much more hygienic because the teat can no longer fall on the floor. In short, the baby will have a lot of fun with a pacifier cord. A very original and practical maternity gift. Pacifier clips are often handmade with beads and stones. This makes the pacifier clip even more unique and beautiful.

Personalized Growth Chart

Named growth charts are the ideal gift for a baby’s room. With a growth chart with name Can parents keep track of their child’s growth? In the beginning, a child grows so incredibly fast that they will be surprised at how fast it goes. Besides the fact that a growth chart with a name is very practical, a growth chart with a name is also a nice decoration. You can conveniently hang the growth chart with a name with a quality wooden hanging system. The growth charts from Goedgemerkt are available in different designs. From a princess growth charts to a cool aircraft growth charts. There is therefore a suitable design available for every baby’s room. Growth charts are also often used in classrooms or guest rooms. It is therefore also very nice to, for example, give a growth chart with name to the brand new grandfather and grandmother, so that they can measure their grandchild when they visit. Look at Approved.

Personalized Clothes Hangers

This maternity gift is very useful and very personal. Few have hangers with their own name, which also makes it very original. Parents probably also get a lot of clothes, or have already bought a lot of nice outfits, so they will never have enough clothes hangers. Often mothers also attach great importance to, for example, the first package that their child has worn. The new mother can keep these items of clothing with beautiful memories on a personalized clothes hanger. As a result, she can also use it as a beautiful decoration in the baby’s room.