Whether you’re shopping for his birthday, (late) Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or just because, you’re probably feeling pressured to find the perfect gift – especially if he’s the kind of guy who already has everything (uh you ). Finding the perfect gift for a man is more difficult for most women than choosing something for a girlfriend. A dress from their favorite boutique store, a nice pampering package or going to lunch together, the possibilities are endless. Actually, there are also plenty of things for men to invent, but maybe you haven’t thought of it yet. That’s why we’ve listed it for you!

You will never go wrong with this

A man can never have enough of this. A no, this isn’t a weird gift, it’s a watch! Have you ever talked to a man who said, “No baby, I’ve got plenty of watches”? We neither. Have you seen him secretly looking at Tommy Hilfiger watches for weeks ? Then this is probably a hint for the cool gift he knows he’s going to get from you. Do you think he has enough already or do you have some extra budget left? Then take a look at a beautiful watch box or – if he likes high-tech – a fully wireless charger that charges his iPhone, AirPods and smartwatch without cluttering his bedside table with chargers and cords. So, if we’re honest, this is really a gift for you too.

Choose something personal

As we mentioned, you can never go wrong with a men’s watch , but it can also be nice to give something personal. A gift that you have really thought about and with which you can both bring back beautiful memories. Think of a personal vinyl record. Turn “your song” into a framed print that will last for years to come. This could be the song you danced to at your wedding, blared in the car on your first date, I’m sure you get the idea!