Do you want to discover new horizons while traveling alone? Discover Rajasthan, one of the most beautiful Indian regions, timeless, rich in culture and exceptional heritage, which marks each traveler forever with the kindness and the legendary warm welcome of the Rajasthanis . 

You just have to leave the modernity of the New Delhi region to blend into a more authentic, more traditional India, that of sumptuous palaces, ancient fortresses, Maharajas and colorful cities. It is an ideal destination for anyone who likes to travel alone. We explain everything to you in 10 points.

1. The kindness of the Rajasthanis

The hospitality of the local population is legendary and recognized worldwide. No doubt you can easily make friends with the people you meet on your way and thus discover the region by going off the beaten track.

Photographer: Steve McCurry

 2. The festive atmosphere

There is nothing like blending in with the masses by participating in the many cultural events such as the Desert Festival, the Pushkar Fair, the Elephant Festival, the Gangaur Festival, the Marwar Festival, the Nagaur Festival and the Holi Festival. The opportunity to party, learn more about local customs and meet lots of people. Beware, however, of crowds and disruptive people on drunken evenings.


3. Lavish hotels

When you travel alone, we mainly favor accommodation with locals or in a youth hostel, but for once you cannot leave Rajasthan without having slept once in an old palace of Maharajas transformed into a hotel or a magical guest house. .


4. Open-mindedness and respect for Rajasthanis

Even if you are a woman traveling alone, do not be afraid. This region is very conservative and committed to respecting visitors. In the local culture, a person is not judged by their appearance but by who they really are, regardless of their lifestyle or religion. Despite everything, as with many other destinations, you have to be careful and be wary if necessary.

Source: voyageatheme

5. The variety of things to see and do

The citadel of Jaisalmer, the cities of Udaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur the blue city, the palaces of Jaipur, the Jain temples of Ranakpur, the national park of Ranthambhor and the desert of Thar.

6. Gentle Discovery

There is nothing like gently discovering this region of North West India. Take the time to lose yourself in the alleys of the ancient capitals of the kingdom and chat with the locals. Appreciate every moment of the day such as sunrise and sunset in sumptuous settings. Don’t tour this region at full speed in an air-conditioned bus like many tourists do, you won’t see anything of Rajasthan.Flute_player_from_rajasthan_1700px

7. The little extra offered by hotels and guest houses

Some hotels and guest houses offer customers to pick them up directly at the train station, bus station or airport to accompany you directly to the hotel. A plus for those who travel alone and who want to avoid wasting time and go quickly to put down their luggage to start visiting.

Photographer: Grant Muller

8. Free wifi in most hotels

Convenient when you travel for a very long time and want to connect to store your photos, chat with your friends or simply check your e-Source

9. Security

As with many destinations, you have to be careful when you travel and moreover when you are alone and take basic precautions (going out at night, arriving in a city at night, protecting yourself from theft, etc.)Source: maisondesindes

10. Transportation

A multitude of solutions are available to you to get around the region according to the budget you wish to devote to it. You will have the choice between train, bus, plane, car with driver, hitchhiking, etc…Source