There are a large number of Swiss villages with remarkable properties. If you want to visit this majestic country, you can get lost in lands rich in history, culture and marvelous landscapes. But what to discover exactly? What is the most beautiful Swiss village? Here is my selection of the 15 villages in Switzerland that impressed me the most. 

#1 Gimmelwald

This small Swiss village is one of the most beautiful in the country for various reasons : its picturesque setting, its tranquility and its vibrant atmosphere with colorful houses. Here, no car to get there! Nestled deep in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, you’ll either have to hike to find it or take a cable car.

#2 Ascona

Nicknamed the pearl of Lake Maggiore, this small village in Italian Switzerland has a bucolic setting with certain Mediterranean airs . Between its historical, cultural and artistic richness, you can only find your account in this small region on the border with Italy.


#3 Lauterbrunnen

This marvelous Swiss village is one of the most beautiful if not THE most beautiful for various reasons. Indeed, between the beauty of its landscapes and the many outdoor activities on offer, it is difficult to do better! With its 72 waterfalls in the surroundings, its nearby ski resorts, its multiple hiking trails and its extreme sports, fans of outdoor activities will find what they are looking for.


#4 Bremgarten

This small medieval-looking town has a particularity: it is nestled in a meander of the Reuss, on a peninsula . Between its historical monuments and its charming narrow streets that connect the upper and lower part of the village, you can only lose yourself in time.


#5 St Moritz

This village in the canton of Grisons is one of the most popular ski resorts in Switzerland. Recognized worldwide, it welcomes well-to-do tourists every year as well as thrill seekers looking for beautiful slopes for their winter sports.

Between its Olympic ice rink, its natural ice bobsleigh track hosting the world championship and its many ski slopes, the place is ideal for winter activities. No wonder then that this village has twice organized the Winter Olympics!


# 6 Throne

This former small Swiss town located in the Grisons was built on a beautiful sunny natural terrace . It offers landscapes that are as impressive as they are majestic. Between its numerous and fabulous hikes and its bucolic and flowery setting, the place is known for its incomparable romantic atmosphere.


#7 Spiez

Built on the banks of the Thun, this Swiss village is one of the most beautiful thanks to its majestic castle which sits in the center . Between its spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, its many walks on the shore or on the lake and its many vineyards that adorn the landscape, the place is unique.


# 8 Poschiavo

Located in the valley of the same name, the village Poschiavo holds an idyllic setting between lakes and mountains and offers the most varied landscapes in Switzerland . In summer, you can take advantage of the nautical activities offered by its surrounding lakes and its hikes and in winter, you can practice winter sports in the nearby ski resorts.


#9 Wengen

This beautiful Swiss village at the foot of the Jungfrau mountain has everything to make you enjoy your stay : breathtaking landscapes, a welcoming and warm population as well as a succulent gastronomy. Between summer hikes and winter sports, there are plenty of activities to do in Wengen!


#10 Bergün

This extremely well-preserved mountain village will offer you a breath of fresh air . At the gates of the Engadine, for its winter sports, the place will only excite history buffs and train fans. This, thanks to the Albula railway line which, despite being built more than a century ago, has not changed!


#11 Appenzell

Let’s go into the world of fairy tales with the Appenzell village . Located in a hilly and green valley, the place is ideal for hikers in search of serenity. You can also discover a particular culture with the rhythms of music and folk dances.


#12 Saint-Ursanne

Go to the remote and wooded valley of the Doubs to discover this small Swiss village which is Saint-Ursanne . Located in the canton of Jura, on the border with France, Saint-Ursanne has something atypical. Could it be its medieval atmosphere? Its natural park? His legends? Or its ruins? If you need to escape from the modernity and the panic of the big cities, this village is made for you!


#13 Grindelwald

No wonder Grindelwald is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. It is one of the oldest seaside resorts in the country. Its first visitors date back to the 19th century. Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, the place is ideal for outdoor activities. You can practice mountain biking and hiking in the summer, skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Its little extra is its gigantic zip line which, in addition to offering real thrills, offers unforgettable panoramas.


#14 Morcote

Between architectural marvels, grandiose landscapes and places of relaxation, Morcotte is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland . Morcote is not just a culture that lives there but the past of many civilizations. Indeed, between the Egyptian temple, the Greek statues and the ornate church of Sant’Antonio Abata, this Swiss village offers real time travel.


#15 Gruyeres

Let’s end this non-exhaustive list of the most beautiful Swiss villages with not the least: Gruyères . This small historic town with a picturesque atmosphere is located on a hill. It has a breathtaking view of the entire Saane valley. It is quite possible to carry out outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking or skiing. Nevertheless, place is best known for its gastronomy . Indeed, here, culinary visits are a must! Between tastings of Gruyères and Cailler Swiss chocolate, your taste buds will be delighted!