Nepal, this cradle of legends that is nicknamed “The abode of the Gods” or “The steps that give access to paradise”. A fairy kingdom where deities and mortals mingle, nestled in front of the highest mountains on Earth. Its endless peaks, sacred lakes and legendary hikes make this country an Eldorado for adventurers looking for thrills. Prepare yourself physically and mentally if you choose Nepal as a future travel destination because it may not be easy!

1. The Annapurna Massif

Nepal is home to the Annapurna region, known for having some of the best hiking trails in the world where the landscapes are breathtaking. It is also one of the wettest, driest and windiest areas in Nepal.enhanced-buzz-wide-29433-1396380283-55


2. High peaks

Eight of the highest peaks in the world are found in Nepal and reach over 8,000 meters above sea level. A way to feel on top of the world!enhanced-buzz-wide-25136-1396380509-13


3. Birds

With over 856 species listed, Nepal is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The country alone has nearly 10% of the world’s total bird population. Maybe they will help you reach the top of the world?original-10193-1397158956-3 (1)


4. Thousands of activities

Nepal is the ideal destination for lovers of adventure and thrills. Mountaineering, trekking, rafting, safaris, hot air balloons, paragliding, bungee jumping and so on will allow you to discover exceptional viewpoints.enhanced-buzz-wide-8676-1396475995-24


5. Classified sites

Nepal is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Be sure to visit the various temples, monasteries and inns that make the country famous and legendary.enhanced-buzz-wide-18479-1397152126-18


6. The quality/price ratio

Nepal is surprisingly very affordable. Compared to the Kilimanjaro hiking trails or the Inca route, food and accommodation will cost you around €20 per day. A small price for an unforgettable adventure.


7. Sacred Lakes

The various lakes of Nepal are known not only for their exceptional beauty, but also for their spiritual significance.enhanced-buzz-wide-31120-1397158547-7


8. Cultural diversity

More than 35 ethnic groups call Nepal home. There are therefore several religions, languages, musical influences and culinary inspirations. Nepal is a wonderful place to immerse yourself in different cultures and leave your comfort zone.enhanced-buzz-wide-19679-1397152190-8


9. The kitchen

Strongly vegetarian, Nepalese cuisine is based on the use of rice and lentils. It borrows both Indian and Tibetan culinary traditions, whose influence dates back to the Middle Ages. Other ingredients complement Nepalese cuisine such as tomato, cumin, potatoes, yoghurt and garlic.Image3


10. Kathmandu Valley

The Kathmandu Valley is located at the foothills of the Himalayas. Its cultural heritage is rich and includes urban centers with palaces, temples, and the Buddhist monument most revered by practitioners: The stupa of Bodnath.index2

11. Serenity

Nepal is considered a sacred place filled with stories and legends. The tranquility of the area will have a positive effect on anyone who is able to attempt the experience. People, buildings, and the earth are all symbols of serenity. In Nepal, you can really get away from it all and enjoy the peace and quiet of this wonderful country.enhanced-buzz-wide-14393-1397153346-21