Alaska: A Cabin in the Woods


Moving or moving to Alaska

Just before moving into my first apartment—literally my first place— I’d put money aside to emigrate to Alaska : things were simple, I wanted a cracked little cabin in the woods, surrounded by wild animals and pilferers. Everything else…everything else would be decided on the spot.

It was yesterday. Moving in, putting down your things, and trying to create a little cocoon: all of this has melted the “Alaska” budget . I wanted to feel good in this first apartment and so I furnished it with a blue rabbit ( yes ), natural materials, strange plants ( threatened by the gluttony of the blue rabbit ), and objects that came from afar.

Becoming really sedentary has changed more things than I could imagine. My man knows I’ll be back. But necessarily shorter than when I had no ties. Long-distance relationships are salt on an open wound, I experienced it at the start of my world tour, optimistic and gutted by the incessant separations. There I have the rare pearl – a guy who next to the highway makes me hear the sea – so we have to … change the scheme.

I can’t quite place the cursor yet: the next few years will therefore be hybrid . Joint stays, solo trips, longer projects.


On the trails of Alaska

I thought about it too much not to. Alaska is therefore for next year, certainly solo, with an old van and my trusty camera.

How long in Alaska, how many months? Being sedentary disorients me. Makes me sad while making me very happy.


° A cabin in the woods °


It must look like a cabin in the woods, right?