Flying over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon was one of my dreams for a long time! What a joy to have been able to realize it during my trip to Turkey . The reality even exceeded all my expectations: it is a magical experience that I will remember all my life. Flying over the fantastic landscapes of fairy chimneys with the gentle rhythm of the wind is simply incredible. Do not forget to plan this activity in your program during your trip. Here are all my tips and lots of practical information for a hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia. I spent my time being based in the city of Göreme and I recommend that you do the same: it is a perfect central location with plenty of accommodation for all budgets.

First thing: you should not be reluctant to get up early. Hotel pick-up is usually one hour before sunrise. Don’t be surprised if you then have to wait a bit on board the minibus. Flight plans are drawn up at the very last minute depending on the weather and crews sometimes have to wait before knowing the exact take-off location. Hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia take place at sunrise for two good reasons: the beauty of the colors, and because the winds are weakest at that time. The wind is the main enemy in a hot air balloon! Don’t be too disappointed if your flight is canceled because of this: safety first of course!

canceled because of this: safety first of course!

The arrival at the take-off site is particularly impressive. The flames of the burners contrast with the darkness of the night. The first balloons rise in the sky. The show is already magical even before the balloon takes off. Then everything goes very quickly. Barely time to board the basket that the hot air balloon takes off gently. It is very moving to see the ground move away in silence.

The course of the flight is to be savored every minute. Our balloon quickly gained altitude to climb to about 1000 meters. A spectacular sight with the hundreds of other hot air balloons in the sky. Then, our pilot played with skill by sneaking closer to the fairy chimneys. A feat possible when there is no wind at all, because otherwise it can be dangerous.

The landing is also an impressive moment. It takes all the pilots’ concentration and good coordination with the ground crew to ensure a smooth return to earth. Afterwards we were treated to a drink to celebrate the flight! An unforgettable memory!


How much does a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia cost?

Prices can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the Turkish Lira exchange rate, which is quite volatile. In general, count between 100 and 150 euros per person. Prices are lower from fall to spring, and higher in summer during peak tourist season. ➡️ See offers and prices for a hot air balloon flight . The flight itself lasts one hour, and it takes three hours in total with the transport to the take-off place, the preparation of the flight and then the return to the hotel.

My advice:

  • Bring warm clothes for this activity. Temperatures can be freezing at daybreak. For my part, I did it in October, and it was zero degrees at that time. Don’t hesitate to bring gloves and hats depending on the season of your trip.
  • Arrange your hot air balloon flight at the start of your stay in Cappadocia. It is quite common for flights to be canceled due to weather. If so, your agency will reschedule your flight the next day.
  • Do not have breakfast before the flight: no bathroom break possible! Better to eat afterwards.
  • When you get on the hot air balloon, try to get a good seat on the edges of the basket to get a better view. Most pods are divided into four compartments, each of which can accommodate 4-5 passengers. If there are only two of you, let two people get into the compartment first, so you will have a better seat.

Where to see the hot air balloons: the best viewpoints

If you don’t have the budget for a hot air balloon flight, you can still enjoy the free show of hundreds of multicolored balloons in the sky of Cappadocia. Even I, who normally don’t wake up at all in the morning, got up every day before sunrise to admire the ballet of hot air balloons. In Göreme, many hotels or restaurants have superb terraces with panoramic views. I particularly recommend those of the Kebelek Special Cave Hotel (my favorite place to sleep in Göreme), the Sultan Cave Suites or the Seten restaurant.

Otherwise, just outside Göreme, you will find several sunrise view points listed on Google map and easily accessible within half an hour of walking.