You want to bring your company to the attention of your relations and new customers. You don’t quite know how you want to do this yet and you don’t want to make the budget too big. With the right business gifts you can make a good impression and increase the brand awareness of your company. In this article you can read which promotional gifts you can give with a small budget!

cotton bag

A lightweight tote bag with your company’s logo on it is a good choice for promotional purposes. It is a budget topper and is made of good quality. The tote bag is very light and can easily be transported in many pieces. Think, for example, of handing out the tote bag at events or trade fairs. This is a great idea as a promotional gift, because you can put several gifts in the bag and make your own goodie bag. Is your company known for health? Put healthy snacks and discount codes at fitness centers in the tote bag.


Keycords are very popular as a promotional gift. They are an indispensable article at events and increasing the brand awareness of your company. It is an ideal gift for your own employees to give a staff card or to make your colleagues recognizable to other companies. Keycord lanyard has a wide range that you can choose from. Would you rather have a standard lanyard with only the logo? Which can. You can also opt for striking colors or different functionalities. Think of a bottle opener lanyard. This way you can immediately give a nice bottle as a gift.


You can make everyone happy with a notebook. It is a practical gift that will benefit everyone. The outside can be printed with the logo and on the inside you can also have a slogan printed. Make it as original as possible and choose colors that match the company. You can also give a pen or pencil so that your customer can use the notebook immediately. You can also have the pen or pencil printed with the logo or slogan. Did you order too much? Take the gifts with you to any event and use them as promotional material too!

Drinking cup

Drinking cups are ideal for everyone! They are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. Choose a drinking cup that falls within your budget and best suits your company. You can have the logo printed on the drinking cup and come up with a nice slogan.