Beanies can be crucial for keeping your body warm in cold temperatures, especially in the mountains. Once your head gets cold, the rest of your body will soon follow. So it’s worth making sure you take good quality headgear with you on your trip. As soon as your helmet comes off, be your hat on whether it’s for après-ski, hiking in the resort, or sitting outside for lunch. A hat will help to retain 12% more heat. So buy a good hat!

Ski helm

Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned pro, helmets are an important addition to your ski outfit. The popularity of the helmets has increased enormously, and for good reason, protecting your head is a priority! Helmets can range from about $20 to $500 and should not be bought too big for children to grow into. When worn, they should fit snugly and not move when the head is shaken. A helmet is a very valuable investment.

ski goggles

Clear slopes are best viewed through protective ski goggles that keep out snow, ice and the sun. You can beat snow glare, flat light and changing weather conditions with UV filter goggles designed specifically for your environment. To protect your forehead, there should be no gap between your helmet and goggles.


When your goggles come off during lunch or après-ski, you can be blinded by the light and your eyes can be burned by the sun, which can lead to snow blindness, a temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the UV rays of the sun. Try to block 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light with good sunglasses. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your face to avoid some embarrassing tan lines!