Who has never dreamed of visiting Los Angeles? Mythical city of the United States, a stay here rhymes with surfing, skateboarding but also Hollywood culture and American Dream. I invite you here to discover the essentials but also the unusual places that will only make your visit to Los Angeles better.

#1 Take to the skies at Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the largest park in the United States. You will find there, among other things, hiking trails, tennis courts, a theatre, golf courses and even an equestrian center built for the 1984 Olympic Games. Nevertheless, the most remarkable point of interest is the observatory. This unique place is located on the southern slope of Mount Lee, close to the Hollywood sign and offers an edifying panoramic view of all of Los Angeles. At night, you can admire the stars and planets there thanks to its famous Zeiss telescope . During the day, you can observe the sun on the telescope site or visit the gigantic planetarium and the exhibition hall.

#2 Visit Disneyland Park

The very first Disneyland park, it is the only one to have been designed and seen by Walt Disney himself. Whether you are alone, as a couple with friends or family, this amusement park will take you back to childhood for a unique day.

#3 Observe the Hollywood Sign

It is one of the emblems of Los Angeles. If originally the famous Hollywood letters were designed to market a new real estate program in 1923 , the Chamber of Commerce finally decided to keep them in 1949. Since 1973 , these letters have been considered a cultural historical monument and are today a trademark. Located on the southern slope of Mount Lee, there are several vantage points to observe the monument. The best are:

  • Highland Center in Hollywood : from the famous Hollywood shopping center, you will have a nice view of the Hollywood letters. However, they will remain quite small, you will have to change your point of view if you want to see them more closely.
  • Griffith Observatory : This is the best place to observe the Hollywood Letters up close. Indeed, given that the observatory is located next to the letters, it makes sense that this place provides you with a majestic point of view. To do this, walk along the railing to the right of the observatory car park, so you will have a breathtaking view.
  • Griffith Park hiking trails : from the observatory parking lot, you can take the main hiking trail which will take you to discover Griffith Park but also, will take you to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Hollywood sign.
  • Sunset Ranch Hollywood : this equestrian center offers a breathtaking view of the monument.

    4 Enjoy the Santa Monica Fair

    The Santa Monica Pier offers a large beach popular with locals, tourists and surfers alike . Nevertheless, the main attraction of the pier remains its funfair open all year round and seen in many films and series. You will be able to enjoy the rides and restaurants on the pier and even, on certain occasions, attend a renowned concert or watch the fireworks.

    #5 Walk on Hollywood’s Boulevard

    Unmissable if you wish to visit Los Angeles, the Walk of Fame is a series of stars encrusted on the sidewalks of Hollywood’s boulevard and which aims to celebrate the works of hundreds of artists from the world of cinema, television and music. music. As you walk, you may be able to discover the stars of your favorite actors, directors, singers or musicians…

    6 Visiter Beverly Hills

    This district is undoubtedly the richest and best protected  in the entire city of angels. This is where many stars live. If the center is quite nice with its roads surrounded by palm trees and its large letters announcing the name of the district, it remains quite uninteresting to visit except for fans of stars wishing to meet one by chance. From here you can also join the winding Mulhollande drive, where many celebrities live.

     7 Skater in Venice Beach

    With its unique atmosphere, wide stretch of golden sand, eclectic shops, street performers and wide promenade where people jog, bike or rollerblade, Venice Beach is a must – see if you want to visit Los Angeles . Angeles. The most remarkable remains its gigantic skatepark frequented by the best skaters in the region.

    #8 Have a good time at Universal Studios

    If you don’t know what to do in Los Angeles, the  Universal Studios theme park can be a great option. This working film studio opens its doors to you with an exceptional visit to a tiny part of the site but also with its breathtaking attractions inspired by the greatest blockbuster films such as Harry Potter, the Minions or the Simpsons. Each part of the park has been designed to allow you to escape into the universe of the film and for you to live a unique experience.

    #9 Discover the Peterson Automotive Museum

    While the museum has undergone serious renovations over the years, today the facility is the most modern of its kind. Inside, car enthusiasts will be served with its gigantic 4-storey exhibition showcasing more than 300 cars and motorcycles ranging from perfectly preserved 1886 models to futuristic experimental designs.

    #10 Contemplating history at the Natural History Museum

    This natural history museum offers a gigantic permanent collection but also temporary exhibitions covering vast subjects. Nevertheless, the flagship pieces of the museum remain the skeletons of dinosaurs and the fossils installed on nearly 1,300 m².

    #11 Surf mythical spots

    California and especially Los Angeles are known to welcome many surfers, local, but also from around the world. Whether you are already a surfer or want to learn to surf, Los Angeles is the right destination. Among the best spots in the City of Angels, you will find:

    • Santa Monica Beach
    • Malibu Surfrider Beach
    • Venice Beach
    • Manhattan Beach
    • Topanga Beach.

      #12 Realize the experience of the Angel fligh

      The Angel Fligh is an old funicular that was renovated in 2017 and is one of the steepest in the world. You will thus climb 90 meters for 50 cents over a very short period of time. The experience is worth the detour and it’s a good idea if you don’t yet know what to do in Los Angeles.

      13 Go see an NBA game

      It is almost unthinkable to visit Los Angeles without going to see an NBA game , especially if you are a big fan of basketball or sports in general. If you visit Los Angeles during the regular season or during the playoffs, you will have a good chance of being able to attend a game at the legendary Staples Center which hosts the two Los Angeles NBA teams, namely the Lakers and the Clippers .

      #14 Discover the Warner Bros studios

      Warner Bros studio invites you to its sets during a 3-hour tour of the sets of the greatest film productions and TV series such as BigBang Theory, LaLa Land, Casablanca, Glimore Girls or the mythical Friends series. You will learn more about production secrets, behind the scenes and costumes. For a 100% immersive experience, you can replay scenes from your favorite productions, for example, at the mythical Central Perk Coffee from Friends or by driving a batmobile throughout Gotham City thanks to a green screen.

      #15 Do an archaeological dig at Brea Tar Pits

      The Brea Tar Pits museum is located in Hancock Park and offers a sumptuous collection of fossils. Nevertheless, the most interesting of the museum remains its demonstrations of fossil excavations which will allow you to better understand the process of fossil recovery. Indeed, the museum was installed on tar pits formed 40,000 years ago, when oil seeped into the rock and imprisoned many organisms and micro-organisms, thus allowing them to be preserved in the form of fossils. . Given the number of fossils contained in these wells, the excavations are numerous and recurrent, which allows visitors to the park to observe a scientific procedure live.

      #16 Visit the Getty Center

      Set on the hillside of Brentwood, the Getty Center museum is housed in a complex designed by Richard Meier and spanning 45 hectares . Opened in 1997, the museum offers a unique collection of European paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and decorative arts. Whether in terms of content, architecture or gardens, the place is more than a museum and offers a unique experience to its visitors.

      #17 Take a walk on Rodeo Drive

      Right in the heart of Beverly Hills is one of the most luxurious streets in the United States . Rodeo Drive was highly highlighted in the mythical film ”  Pretty Woman  ” when Julia Roberts robs luxury boutiques with Richard Gere. Thus, this street is a must if you want to visit Los Angeles. You will find, among other things, luxury boutiques such as Christian Dior, Armani, Gucci, Chanel and Burberry. This tour idea is ideal for lovers of window shopping.

      #18 Eat at the Farmer’s Market

      Located at the intersection of Third Street and Fairfax, the Farmer’s Market has been offering a unique experience to its visitors since its opening in 1934: here you can find everything you want to eat , even a dog bakery!

      #19 Enjoy the nightlife at the Sunset Strip

      This legendary street will satisfy all types of visitors, whether they are lovers of shopping, music, architecture or even comedy ! Depending on the time of day, the atmosphere changes completely. In the morning or in the afternoon, the place is relatively calm and is ideal for a shopping spree, a coffee break or a meal in one of the many restaurants present.

      In the evening, the street comes alive and offers an immeasurable series of options for going out:

      • in one of the great legendary concert halls such as the Viper Romm, the Whiskey à Go Go or the Roxy Theater.
      • In one of the big nightclubs on the street.
      • In one of the comedy clubs present.

      In addition, the Sunset Strip is known to welcome many celebrities every evening who come to enjoy the atmosphere of the place, whether they are comic strip artists, music legends or renowned actors. You may be able to meet your favorite celebrity during a walk on the boulevard…

      #20 Take a Food Tour in Little Tokyo and Art District

      Little Tokyo and Art District are areas of Los Angeles known for their culinary richness. You can opt for a guided tour to discover the gastronomic specialties of the place or choose to make this visit by yourself. In any case, don’t miss the fabulous street-arts of the Art District, which are like an open-air museum!

      How to go to Los Angeles?

      To go to Los Angeles from France there are not 36 solutions. Indeed, you will have to take the plane. To get cheap tickets, I advise you to take a Paris Los Angeles flight with French Bee .

      Where to sleep in Los Angeles?

      Los Angeles is a gigantic city which, without a car, can be difficult to visit if you are not in the right neighborhood. Indeed, the city is quite poorly served in terms of public transport. Thus, it is preferable to stay in a tourist district in order to visit Los Angeles more conveniently and above all, not to waste too much time between each point of interest. Some of the best neighborhoods to stay in when visiting Los Angeles include:

      • Venice Beach : to quickly enjoy the beach.
      • Down Town : the center of Los Angeles for a central location.
      • Hollywood : to be close to the most numerous points of interest and enjoy this mythical district.

      I have selected a hotel for you in each of the neighborhoods listed in order to give you an idea of ​​where to sleep during a stay in Los Angeles.

      Sleep near the beach at the SameSun

      SameSun is a cozy hostel located in Venice Beach and offers a nice view of the ocean. It is possible to sleep in a dormitory as well as in a private room, which makes it a good spot for solo travelers, friends or couples. In addition, the place is conducive to meeting. This will allow you to share festive moments with many travellers. The little extra is that this establishment is located on the beach, which is ideal for travelers wishing above all to enjoy the beaches of the city of angels.

      In terms of price, private rooms are around 133 euros per night for two people and dormitories start at 36 euros per night and per person in a dormitory for 8 people. For a 4-person dormitory with private bathroom, you will have to pay around 44 euros per night per person.

      Stay in Hollywood at the Dunes Inn-Sunset

      The Dunes Inn-Sunset is a 3-star hotel, located in Hollywood not far from Sunset Boulevard. The location is good if you want to visit Los Angeles and the clean and comfortable rooms. Prices for a private room for two people start at around 100 euros per night and per person.

      Stay Central at Freehand Los Angeles

      Freehand Los Angeles is a 4 star hostel located in the downtown area of ​​the City of Angels. With its breathtaking view of the buildings, its swimming pool, its spacious common areas, the place is conducive to meetings and extremely well located. The price of a private room for 2 people starts at 114 euros per night and the price of a night in a dormitory starts at 36 euros per night and per person.