The working days are behind us, the tickets and vouchers are ready and the long-awaited days of vacation are approaching, full of sun, the sound of the waves and carefree fun…

All that remains is to decide one important question: what to wear for a vacation on the beach to look great on the beach and in poolside cafes? After all, on vacation you don’t always allow yourself to create beautiful memories, and what girl doesn’t dream of looking beautiful in photos, saving them as memorable moments or showing her life on vacation on social networks?

There is no one style for a resort wardrobe. In this direction, designers combine marine, sports, ethnic and Hawaiian styles, as well as safari styles and clothes of the usual casual style. The main feature of your beach holiday outfits is a comfortable cut, light and breathable fabrics and no overload. Since resort fashion combines outfits designed for vacation, your resort wardrobe should be comfortable for walking, going to the beach, and spending time away from the beach.

Getting together for a vacation makes women feel euphoric and want to take everything and more: three swimsuits, “those” stiletto sandals, pretty dresses and a lot of other things, from summer hats to costume jewelry. But will everything fit in the suitcase and where will the husband’s things go? How many things should you put in your suitcase when you are on vacation, so that it is enough to create a unique beach vacation outfit for the beach, walks and dinner in a restaurant?

a lady in maxi floral printed dress with a straw hat
a lady in brown maxi v-neck strap dress

What to include in a capsule wardrobe for a beach vacation?

A capsule wardrobe for beach and sea vacation outfits must meet several requirements.

It must contain sufficient elements to cover all possible needs. At a resort, this is usually beach recreation, various types of excursions and sightseeing outings, and visits to entertainment venues (concert halls, cafes, etc.). It is necessary to anticipate the possibility of unexpected cold.

Your entire vacation wardrobe should fit in one suitcase. The elements included in it should not be excessively bulky or heavy. Keep in mind that you can put some of the things and go to the sea directly with them, and the heavier things you carry, the lighter your suitcase will be.

All the items you need to create beach vacation outfits should match perfectly, in any outfit you decide to put together. As a result, 10-20 things will be enough to form at least two dozen sets that do not repeat each other. The things in the capsule should be a little similar to each other so that the images created do not look the same. Preferably, the things you take with you on your trip should be easy to take care of.

Leave the usual restrained tones and strict styles, clothes for a beach holiday should be bright, comfortable and have a holiday atmosphere. Before packing your suitcase, think and make a list of what you will need; This will prevent you from having unnecessary things in your luggage. Choose clothing made from natural fabrics with a small elastane blend; These things practically do not wrinkle and you will not have to spend precious minutes of your vacation on manipulations with an iron.

The list of things needed to go to the beach and sunbathe is quite simple: a few items of clothing, well combined with each other and eye-catching accessories, will form a wardrobe for a beach holiday.

Top of the list of things you need for your nice beach vacation, of course, is a swimsuit. It is worth wearing at least two different models:
A brightly colored bikini for sunbathing.
A comfortable swimsuit with minimal decorations for swimming in the sea.
A sophisticated one-piece swimsuit or monokini for pool parties.

By wearing one or two swimsuits of different styles, you will be able to tan more evenly. For example, alternate a two-strap bra with a bandeau or halter bra, or a swimsuit with a high or low cut on the hips.

Swimsuit styles are chosen based on the characteristics of your figure: suits for the beach should emphasize your advantages and hide small imperfections from prying eyes. Help choose the right style of beach photography models: choose the one that is closest to you in terms of figure type and try on a similar swimsuit.

If your figure is close to the “pear” type, choose swimsuits with a decorated bodice and swimsuits with a thigh-high neckline. Look at photos from the beach: the unusual trim on the top of the swimsuit draws attention to the chest, and the bikini swimsuit visually enhances the bottom, making it lighter and more elegant.

Apple’s figure should pay attention to fused swimsuits with draping on the stomach – these are the ones in which the corpulent beauties appear in the photo. But girls with a figure like an “inverted triangle” for the beach should take the photo of swimsuits. with straps around the neck and classic swimsuits with ties. Whatever model you choose, pay attention to quality: salty sea water and the scorching sun are merciless to cheap fabrics and instantly deprive low-quality swimsuits of aesthetic appearance.

You can’t create your beach vacation outfits without a couple of cute dresses: at the very least, you need to wear a light dress with a flared skirt for walking around the city and a bright dress for going to a restaurant in the evening: it fits perfectly in the vacation closet. and adorn women with any type of fuller figure-dress dress with short or no sleeves and deep neckline.

What could be more versatile in the hot season than Bermuda shorts or shorts? This is probably the most comfortable item for beach vacations and will be useful both on vacation and in the city. In combination with a basic top or a T-shirt, as well as with flat shoes, sandals, sneakers or flip-flops, you will achieve an elegant look every day. And if you add a blouse, a spectacular top with puffed sleeves or ruffles, as well as shoes with heels, then with this bow you can safely go to dinner in a restaurant or to a party.

Footwear Flip
flops for the beach.
Comfortable sandals or sneakers in bright colors.
Beautiful sandals with comfortable heels for formal outings.

Needless to say, our goal is to bring as few items as possible, but choose them in such a way that they can be used to make as many outfits as possible, each time creating a new look suitable for a particular occasion.

a lady in short sleeve pink shirt with pink shorts
a lady in silk white v-neck sleeveless top
a lady in black asymmetrical one-shoulder top with sunglasses

Still trying to decide what to wear for a beach vacation besides a swimsuit? We’ve put together some style inspirations for you.

The summer season dictates the fashion for light, airy outfits made of breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen, and soft, muted tones that reflect sunlight. In all this abundance, a solid niche is occupied by the so-called beachwear, ideal for vacations and nautical vacations.

If you are going on a trip and wondering how to look stylish on the beach, take a suitcase full of voluminous shirts, blouses and T-shirts, and how to wear it all, we will understand below. And of course, for a harmonious beach holiday, you need swimsuits, even if you are not going to swim, but decide to go out for an evening cocktail or a beach party.

T-shirts, tops, tube blouses.
T-shirts and tops of all kinds are essential in any woman’s summer wardrobe. For the beach, they can come in a variety of designs, including spaghetti or wide straps, racerbacks, and various necklines. And different types, from loose and longer models to overly cropped and tight variations.

Pair your favorite bright top with a classic or tall swimsuit and complete it with a beach cape or a big white shirt, and complete the look with a big straw hat and sunglasses. And if you’re going to a cafe on the boardwalk, pair a top or tank top with culottes or high-waisted shorts and woven sandals.

This also includes summer blouses for beach holiday outfits that resemble a “tube” of fabric without any supporting element, in the form of shoulders or straps, fastened only on the chest. These blouses are perfect for any time of day and for casual summer parties.

Another fashion element for your beach vacation outfits is a brightly colored, free-cut shirt. This shirt will look great in vacation pictures. Such a bright accent will look great on the beach. The color pink always harmonizes very well with brown and chocolate tones. A bright colored shirt can be worn with white shorts, which will slightly offset the excessive brightness and balance it out. It can also be worn simply over a swimsuit.

maxi dresses
How to create your outfits for beach holidays, if you find it uncomfortable to wear a tunic on the beach or you are not so polite? So why not opt ​​for a special long beach dress? It will look great on you if you decide to wear a dress in a bright tone or with prints. A fedora hat will look good with this type of beach clothing. Also do not forget to pick up an elegant wicker basket or bag, where you will store the necessary things. A stylish addition will be Greek sandals and sandals with braids.

Beach dresses and tunics.
Boho-chic, linen aesthetics, ethereal lightness – somewhere these associations evoke our beach outfits, and it’s true. In 2019 fashion, it is advisable to give preference to fabrics in pastel or natural shades. Summer dresses with milk, cream, sand, powder, pistachio and delicate corals made of natural materials with a free silhouette are ideal for your beach holiday outfits. Add atmospheric tropical prints, peas, stripes and floral motifs, and don’t forget the summer trend: white crochet dresses. When choosing a beach tunic, go for white, oversized style, linen or cotton (so the fabric breathes and dries quickly), for details: cute ruffles, ruffles, and trendy puff sleeves.

Beach rompers
Not all women will dare to add a short jumpsuit to their urban wardrobe. But for your vacation on the beach, in the pool or on board a yacht, it is the right place! Rompers are just beginning to gain popularity, making them look bold, unusual and daring.

The cut of a beach jumpsuit can be as simple as extremely simple (without darts, with a waistband) and complex (with ruffles, patch pockets and ties). In the composition of preferred materials with good breathability, such as cotton, linen and viscose. Complementing a monochromatic romper can be spectacular accessories: bright shoes, straw bags, hats with huge brims and colorful jewelry in ethnic style.

beach dresses
If you plan to spend the whole day on the beach, it is worth remembering that in many establishments, even on the coast, there is a dress code. It is quite democratic and a beach dress will be a very suitable item of clothing for lunch in a summer cafe. The most relevant beach dresses for beach holidays have the following details:
ruffles, ruffles and ruffles;
waterfall hems;
thin straps or “Carmen” shoulders;
patch pockets;
eye-catching summer prints or branded monograms.

The length can be from mini to maxi, high necklines and necklines are acceptable and even desirable, and the color range is not limited, and this is not surprising: beach fashion should be true to all bold ideas. If the task is to buy a beach dress for several seasons, you can safely bet on white. The color does not go out of fashion in summer, it looks good with tanned skin and is unlikely to stop looking relevant.