Although it may seem that its small size makes it only suitable for women with perfect bodies, in reality the bikini is the type of swimsuit that can suit a large number of women. You have to keep two things in mind: one, that no one has the sensational body of the models, so feel happy with your body . Two: that a healthy and self-confident woman always looks spectacular.

Plus, with these little tips, you can choose the bikini that makes you feel even better. Thanks to the bikini you will be able to tan evenly.

Remember that you have to take into account both the shape of your body, your skin color and also the type of activities you do. On this last point, if you are one of those who does not move from a lounger, it may not be difficult to find the right one. But if you like to swim a lot, run on the beach or play sports, it is better that you choose one that is not going to fall , move or disappear during your activities.

Below we give you some tips to choose a suitable bikini .

With curves

If you have a  very feminine and curved body  you are a lucky woman. In this case, think about what you want to highlight and what you want to hide. Large prints, embellishments and light colors stand out. The dark and smooth ones hide. If your chest is generous, opt for halter necklines, which will make you look beautiful and never vulgar. If for some reason you want to hide your bust, you can use sporty-looking bikinis, which tighten and gather. The wide straps will help you be more comfortable.

If your hips are wide and you don’t like that, try dark, matte colors below. Vertical stripes can also be useful.
Don’t forget that a  curvy body  is the dream of many women. Enjoy yours.

Firm and slim body

How lucky you are, your body  will always make you look youthful . If you think you should have volume in the bust, use ruffles, fringes or decorations that amplify. If you like your chest small and your hips narrow, wear very small swimsuits that draw attention to your slenderness. Additionally, you can use bright colors and large prints, horizontal stripes and large polka dots. If you prefer to give the impression of greater width in the hips, you can wear a high bikini, with a small skirt or gathers.

Keep in mind that your body shape is magnificent, so whatever you wear will look great on you.

wide backs

Surely you did swimming and you have a sporty appearance, with long muscles. Congratulations.  Halter necklines look great on you , because with wide backs, beautiful collarbones. Strapless styles also look great on you, because you can hold them gracefully. Triangle bikinis are also a good option.

If you want  to hide your back , visually amplify your hips: decorations, skirts, gathers, ruffles will highlight your hip area.

Don’t forget that your body type is that of athletes and it always looks attractive.

apple shape

Sensational, you are round and attractive.  Generally your bust and belly have the greatest volume. Surely you want to look more stylish in those parts.  It’s not necessary, because with a small bikini you will look good.  However, if what you want is for your hips to look wider and your chest smaller, choose a bikini bottom with large prints and decorations or bright colors and a top with darker tones to hide your bust.

pear shape

Your chest is small, your  waist is narrow, and your hips and butt are large  and rounded. It is a sensational way, because you can see yourself in different ways just by sitting or standing. In this case, a small bikini will also make you look formidable. If you want to  visually expand your chest and reduce your hips , wear tops with a balcony and underwire that make you look more voluptuous. You can also use large prints and bright colors. For the bottom part, use dark colors and unicolor fabrics. Enjoy your small waist, it will always make you look good.

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