The situation in the world

According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourist arrivals in 2021 should thus remain this year “70 to 75% lower” than those before the pandemic. Before really leaving again in 2022.

Still according to the UNWTO  :

-46 countries are totally closed to tourism, especially in Asia and the Pacific.

-55 countries are partially open, with more or less significant restrictions

-4 countries are totally open, without restriction.


As you will have understood, these are the 4 countries in which we are going to be interested.

Before that, I will tell you something . Since last weekend, the media treatment of the new variant has been pissing me off. Continuous live with words like “panic in the world”, the follow-up of the first cases here and there, the closing of certain borders, as if it were effective…

There have already been variants, there will be others. New ? We don’t even know yet if it’s more dangerous… So well, from my point of view, at some point, you have to take a step back with everything and not forget yourself. It’s just an opinion that engages only me.

To exist is ok, but to live is better. 

And if for you, traveling rhymes with living, then go for it!

Put on this side the possible small logistical hassles and anxieties made in BFMTV. 


So, these 4 countries  ?

They are all located in Latin America and the Caribbean already .

You must have an idea.

Come on, I’ll start with my favourite , the one I know best.




Latin America ‘s best destination has remained open to tourism since the end of 2020.

Tourists are starting to come back.

Several reasons why, I put this country as the best destination to go this winter:

  • No entry restrictions _

No tests requested before the flight or on arrival, no confinement, vaccinated or not.

  • No restrictions on site

Life here has been normal since last spring . No curfew etc.

On the other hand, strangely, wearing a mask is compulsory inside and outside.

There is a sanitary pass to enter restaurants, cinemas, etc. Or rather a paper vaccination record here.

As tourists, no worries, just show your French health pass. Besides, I’ve never seen a scanned pass here. Control is really light here, not many restaurants ask for it. In most bars and small restaurants, you will be quiet.

I’m here right now, don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.

Update: before boarding your flight, you will now need to show your health pass. 

  • Few cases at the moment

On the epidemic front, the situation is calm. For the past few weeks, the number of cases has been 2000 cases per day, less than 50 deaths. The country experienced its strongest surge last spring.

Since then, the situation seems under control . It must be said that vaccination has worked well in Colombia. The vaccination rate remains lower than that of France, however: 70% of Colombians have received a dose.

  • The good moment

Flights are not very expensive compared to before the epidemic. Remember to go through Madrid, flights are often cheaper.

Winter here is a good season, less rain. And in addition, on the coast , you can negotiate good rates with the hotels . Indeed, we are here far from the crowd given the context.

  • A diverse and magical country

I have talked a lot about this country on this blog for years. Colombia is indeed one of the most varied countries on the continent: mountains, jungle, islands, beaches, archaeological sites deserts 

In short, there is plenty to do and the atmosphere is great here!

  • Even Disney agrees

Yes, Colombia is the subject of Disney’s latest film: Encanto. And I find that the film is a beautiful tribute to the country.

To see if you come to find me!



The Dominican Republic


The country is indeed totally open. I went there this summer , a good memory.

No test requested, no restrictions.

The country is a top destination if you like beautiful beaches. There are also beautiful walks to do inside the country. Santo Domingo is also an interesting city to visit.




Like Colombia, Mexico has remained open for most of the outbreak, since 2020 in fact.

The country has never really closed its borders, it seems to me.

Again, no restrictions on arrival and on site.

I advise you to go especially to the Yucatan, the top in my opinion.


Costa Rica


I put Costa Rica last because it’s the destination I know the least about. I’ve only been there twice, and it was short.

That said, clearly , it ‘s a top destination, already out of Covid, but even more so lately.

No restrictions there too.

Many points of interest in the country, known for its grandiose nature. At the moment, the country attracts a lot of digital nomads due to the unrestricted situation and the special visa the country has in place since .