Thailand is an ideal destination for a break in the middle of winter . With its sun, its warmth and its beaches, it easily offers us the possibility of replenishing our vitamin D to face the last weeks of cold before the arrival of spring (especially when these drag on until April) . wellness  in thailand could therefore be summed up for a majority of us in 3 words: heavenly beaches, massages and rest. Even if I am in constant search of zenitude, this kind of holiday would be boring for me, especially in this country which has so much more to offer than the beauty of its coasts and its islands. By flying to the Thailand Academy, I intended to find out what was hidden behind the word well-being. After the revelation of my  search for the 5 senses , I give you here 4 ideas to refocus and find a healthy mind in a healthy body during your next vacation in the land of smiles.


Living Buddhism

Well-being in Thailand: Aumone Moine

In Thailand, you cannot miss Buddhism as the life of Thai people is punctuated by Buddha and his beliefs. The life of a temple begins before sunrise. From 4 or 5 a.m. the monks pray with songs that may seem monotonous. Personally they enchant me. Being near a temple at the time of these prayers is a unique experience for our little ears. Once the morning prayers have been completed, the monks go out with an alms bowl and travel through the cities or the countryside in order to collect rice. The inhabitants then come out of their houses to make their offerings. It is a real morning ritual in Buddhist countries.

I experienced this during the first week of my trip. We got up early to nicely prepare our lotus flowers which were to accompany our offerings. A monk came to us in a boat and we experienced a very strong ceremony in the early morning in an exceptional setting.

Novice monk buddhism thailand

When I’m in Southeast Asia, I walk around temples a lot and often quite early. They are Zen places where there is a lot of respect and traditions, places loaded with beliefs and stories, places where there is life. I like to sit in front of Buddha and think of nothing, just to let myself be rocked, bewitched and take the time to observe the life of the place. I meditate in my own way.

Practicing Ruesee Dadton

India has Yoga, Thailand Ruesee Dadton. I had the opportunity to test this practice during the Thailand academy and I admit that I got caught up in the game. Getting up and waking up your body gently in the lotus position allows you to clear your mind and begin your day in the most serene way possible.

The Ruesee Dadton includes about 80 postures but only 15 are retained for daily practice. We started our sessions with 2 minutes of meditation and then practiced each of the postures twice, always starting with the left side. Why the left side? Because it is the side of the woman and the heart. Honor to the ladies, honor to the heart. Beautiful signs. When you confuse your left and your right, it can give little fits of laughter. The master was also the first to make fun of us but nothing that marred his extreme concentration.

I liked the meeting with this master, his presence and all the zenitude he exuded. Very composed, concentrated, he radiated his positive vibes and transmitted, certainly unconsciously, his zen attitude. It was rather nice to start the day by circulating the energies. I yawned until my jaw dropped as if I was expelling all the rest of the fatigue and negative energies it contained from my body.

If you go to Wat Pho in Bangkok, you will certainly pass in front of a pavilion with the drawings of the postures of Ruesee Dadton. While walking in the alleys of this temple you will also be able to observe many statues. I have been to this temple, a famous massage school in the Kingdom, many times and this was the first time I noticed them.

Learn Thai massage techniques

Ah the Thai massage. How to go to Thailand and not enjoy a good massage from time to time and for a pretty ridiculous price too. When you learn a few techniques, you realize the complexity of the body. Just do not place your fingers in the right place and hop we do anything

The ritual is always the same: from bottom to top, from left to right going crescendo. Start by pressing gently on the areas and repeat 2 to 3 times, gradually increasing the firmness and strength of the gesture. The secret is to keep your arms stretched out to support your body’s weight and not just your muscles.

And yes, Thai massage is not a gentle practice! Don’t expect a nice massage with oils… No, let’s compare it to a good session with an osteo specialist.

I really like traditional Thai massage because it makes me feel like all the accumulated stress is coming out of my body. It’s sometimes a little painful but you feel so good afterwards that the suffering of the moment is quickly forgotten.

To practice Ruesee Dadton or learn the techniques of Thai massage, I recommend the reference: the school of Wat Pho.

Organic garden, plants and Thai cuisine

Well being in Thailand Lotus flower tea

Discovering Thai cuisine is an integral part of a trip to Thailand. Street food or traditional cuisine, all the flavors are good to discover. To understand the basis of local cuisine, what better than to go directly to a garden and see the plants on their feet. At Sampran Riverside , the hotel where I stayed for 4 days at the start of my stay, I had the opportunity to visit their 4 hectare organic garden and see all the variety of plants, fruits and vegetables used in their kitchen.

This garden was a treat for my nose: lemongrass, basil, camphor, coriander, ginger, it was as pretty to see as it was pleasant to smell.

After a quick visit under a blazing sun and an outside temperature of 37°C, we refreshed ourselves with freshly picked coconuts and homemade teas made from plants from the garden, all of which have a particular function: lemongrass for the digestion, the lotus rich in antioxidants and the blueberry a natural tonic for the heart… All this was nicely presented and encouraged tasting.

Wellness in Thailand Lotus flower tea

Thailand is starting to promote organic farming and healthy food. So in many cooking schools across the country, you can visit gardens like this one before learning how to cook a few dishes. We had the opportunity to test our aptitude for Thai cuisine by making a Som Tam, the famous spicy green papaya salad and a Tom Yam Goong, a lemongrass soup with shrimp.