The mountain offers various assets to attract tourists during the summer period, who prefer the seaside and the hot sand. It is true that the mountains in summer offer more sporty holidays but also more peaceful and above all closer to nature.

Ditch the towels and bathing suits and put on your big mountain shoes.

  1. Hiking Hiking is the queen activity of the mountain. It will allow you to evolve in a pure environment and will offer you breathtaking panoramas. As close as possible to nature, you will learn a lot about the fauna and flora that surrounds us. Different levels are accessible to everyone, from 5-year-olds to seniors. To practice with friends if possible. Conclusion: sport and fun, the perfect cocktail!
  2. Road biking or mountain biking Lovers of bicycles can enjoy themselves in the mountains, between mythical passes climbed by the Tour de France or down the ski slopes by mountain bike, there are thousands of possibilities for cycling. Several walks are offered by the different mountain resorts to allow tourists a total escape through the
  3. Nautical activities The resorts enjoying lakes have significantly developed their activities at sea. Sailing, wake-boarding, pedal boating, swimming, the possibilities are endless. With often idyllic conditions for nautical practice, mountain lakes are part of the tradition of sport on vacation. To consume without moderation !  
  4. Golf How not to take advantage of the various golf courses offered by the mountain communities? imagine yourself for a moment hitting the ball in a superb setting which again offers perfect conditions for playing golf.
  5. Paragliding and hang-gliding Reserved for thrill seekers, you will take advantage of the hot air currents to glide and enjoy an incredible view of the mountains. Paragliding and hang-gliding allow you to feel as free as the air. Several schools will accompany you for a breathtaking first flight.
  6. Rafting and canyoning The mountains are full of rivers and torrents for the practice of rafting and canyoning. Might as well warn you right away that equipment and a professional in the field are mandatory, but the sensations are great. These two activities will make you discover another facet of the mountain with crystal clear but cool waters (rarely exceeding 15 degrees!).rafting_3_04
  7. Climbing and via férata Strong sensations guaranteed with these two activities along the rock walls. Equipped with cables, carabiners, and other ladders, you will travel a route that offers superb viewing angles and a certain adrenaline rush.
  8. The ice rink Most resorts have ice rinks to attract more and more tourists. Friendly place, it is sometimes good to take yourself for Philippe Candeloro.