Whether you are preparing for a trip to the north of the planet or simply curious, the northernmost city in the world is certainly what you think. The conditions, often extreme, do not seem to slow down the inhabitants since all these northern destinations are inhabited despite everything.

#1 Siorapaluk, Greenland


Siorapaluk is a northernmost city in the world and is located in Greenland. Siora means “sand” in Greenlandic where a small beach lies just below the ice sheet.

It is the second northernmost village in the country as it is only 1355 kilometers from the North Pole . But that does not seem to slow down the inhabitants since 75 reckless people live there year-round and have done so for many years. Namely that its heliport is one of the northernmost civilian airfields on the planet.

The city has nevertheless known how to evolve with the times. It is possible today to find a store, a school, an infirmary there but you also have electricity, radio and even internet.

# 2 Berentsburg, Norway

Direction Norway and more precisely in the city of Berentsburg . Located 1325 kilometers from the North Pole , the small Norwegian town is inhabited mainly by Ukrainians and Russians.

The city has more than 400 inhabitants, mainly thanks to its coal mining, which is still its main activity today. The climate being particularly formidable, it is possible to access the city by snowmobile in winter and by boat during the summer period.

# 3 Longyearbyen, Norway


Just 1,305 kilometers from the North Pole , Longyearbyen is the northernmost city in the world and currently has a population of over 2,000. It is very popular with tourists since it serves as a base for visiting the region.

For the record, the city of Longyearbyen has a collection of several million seeds for long conservation in the prevention of potential future disasters.

# 4 Pyramids, Norway

Pyramiden has the distinction of being completely desert since 1998. Being only 1255 kilometers from the North Pole , it was once a Russian mining community where more than 1000 people were employed.

Since 2007, only a few people come to the site to organize tourist activities. An old building has been rehabilitated to accommodate cruise passengers for one night to visit the city during their stopover.

# 5 Ny-Ålesund, Norway


Ny-Ålesund is a small town of 120 inhabitants located 1230 kilometers from the North Pole . It is a northernmost city in the world which is mainly inhabited by scientists. Indeed, several scientific stations are installed there to observe climate change.

But it was once the site of a coal mine which closed its doors in 1962 following a serious accident causing the death of 21 miners.

#6 Eureka, Canada


Although not a city per se, the Eureka Arctic Research Base and Weather Station is on Ellesmere Island. It is only 1085 kilometers from the North Pole. It was created in 1947 with the aim of getting to know the Arctic better and observing the different air masses present there.

The humidity rate being particularly important, the vegetation is very developed compared to the other northern cities of my classification.

#7 Ernest Krenkel Observatory, Russia

Direction the François Joseph archipelago, in Russia, and more particularly to the Ernest Krenkel observatory . The latter is 1080 kilometers from the North Pole  and was once a former Soviet rocket launch site. Namely, between 1956 and 1980, many MR-12 rockets were tested on site.

For the little anecdote, the observatory takes its name from the explorer Ernest Krenkel who obtained the record for the longest radio communication between the Franàois Joseph archipelago and Antarctica in 1930.

#8 Nagurskoye, Russia

Nagurskoye is a meteorological station that also houses several military installations, including a Russian military airport in the Arctic. The city is only 1020 kilometers from the North Pole and was once highly prized by the USSR for the purpose of setting up bases for its bombers.

Today it is the most northerly city in the world, having recorded the most plane accidents occurring in the north of the planet.

#9 North, Greenland

The small northern city is aptly named since it is one of the northernmost cities on the planet with only 924 kilometers separating it from the North Pole . It is inhabited year-round by only 5 Danish soldiers, but around twenty scientists also come to venture there during the summer period.

#10 Alert, Canada


Finally, I couldn’t finish my selection of the northernmost town in the world without mentioning Alert which is also on Ellesmere Island just 835 kilometers from the North Pole . It is now the northernmost inhabited place on the planet and has nearly 70 people within its military and meteorological base. Station Alert is used primarily to maintain a presence in this part of Canada, but also as a signals intelligence facility.