Do you dream of visiting the Greek islands? Have you ever thought about renting a boat ? Unlike an organized cruise, yacht charter in Greece allows you to travel at your own pace and decide for yourself what you want to see and do. Imagine yourself sailing with your hair in the wind in the middle of idyllic landscapes, and waking up each morning facing the ocean… magical, isn’t it? Here is a short guide on things to know to rent a catamaran or a sailboat in Greece , as well as some ideas for itineraries to explore the islands!

Boat rental in Greece: my best advice 

Far from being reserved for seasoned sailors as one might think, boat rental in Greece is a practice accessible to all and very widespread for visiting the islands! That said, there are still two, three little things to know before setting sail.

Can I rent a boat in Greece without a licence?

Already, know that if you want to rent a boat in Greece without a license , then you will have to call on the service of a skipper. The skipper is the small name of the captain in marine jargon: basically, it is the person in charge of piloting the boat!

He will not only ensure the safety of passengers on the boat, but will also be able to optimize distances between destinations and manage weather hazards. It is therefore the safest option if you do not know anything about navigation!

What budget for catamaran rental in Greece?

In terms of price , there really is something for everyone. The price will vary according to the type of boat, its size, the presence of a skipper, the number of beds, the equipment and accessories for the activities (water skis, paddles, diving equipment, fishing, etc.)

To give you an idea, count on average 100 to 200€ per day minimum for the rental of a sailboat or a catamaran that can accommodate 4 to 8 people. For larger boats, prices can quickly climb to 1000€/day.

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Which boat rental company to choose?

To rent your boat, the easiest way is to go through an online booking platform. SamBoat, for example, is a reliable and secure boat rental site , the principle of which is to connect rental companies (individuals or professionals) with travelers. 

On SamBoat you can rent a catamaran , a sailboat and even other types of boats such as yachts or motorboats. The renters are therefore all independent, and you can consult the opinions of former tenants before making your choice.   

Otherwise, you will also find tourist agencies on site that offer catamaran and sailboat rentals in Greece. A little advice all the same: just to avoid scams, find out about each rental company beforehand by going for a quick look on Google!

When is the best time to go?

If you want to avoid the tourist peak while enjoying the Mediterranean climate, the month of June is ideal for renting a boat in Greece . At this time, it is indeed between 22 and 28 degrees, the sun shines almost every day, and there are not yet too many people on the beaches. 

A tad cooler but much calmer, May is also a good time to visit the Greek islands. Finally, leaving in September is also very advantageous: the temperatures are still mild there, and the attendance is much lower than in July/August. 

Ideas for itineraries to visit the Greek islands by catamaran or sailboat 

Greece has nearly 6,000 islands, including more than 200 that can be visited. Faced with this wide range of possibilities, it is therefore not always easy to establish an itinerary! To help you organize your boat cruise, here are some examples of popular tours in the Greek islands. 

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Boat tour in the Cyclades

When you think of Greece, the beautiful Cyclades archipelago is often the first place that comes to mind. Each more beautiful than the next, the Cyclades islands are perfect if you want to enjoy beaches, picturesque villages and historical sites. 

We generally recommend a departure from Mykonos or Paros , which both have a central location in the archipelago and an airport. Here are two ideas for a week-long boat trip to explore the Cyclades: 

Route 1 from Mykonos:

Mykonos → Délos → Naxos → Amorgos → Paros → Mykonos. 

Route 2 from Paros:

Paros → Sifnos → Folegandros → Santorini → Amorgos – Paros

These itineraries give you about a day on each island . If you have more time in front of you, nothing prevents you from staying longer or adding stopovers such as Kythnos, Milos, Hydra Folegandros or Rínia. 

Boat route from Athens

Athens also makes an excellent starting point for renting a sailboat in Greece or a catamaran. From the capital, set sail towards the islands of the Saronic Gulf , renowned for their exotic landscapes and tranquil setting. 

Departing from Athens , here is an idea of ​​a circuit for about 7 days at sea: Athens → Aegina → Poros → Korfos → Agistri → Athens. 

Itinerary from Corfu in the Ionian Islands

Another idea for a boat trip in Greece : the Ionian Islands! Their beauty and their poetic atmosphere, which has inspired many artists, make it one of the most popular Greek archipelagos for tourists. So go to the port of Corfu to pick up your catamaran or sailboat. 

One week catamaran or sailboat tour : Corfu → Paxos → Lefkada → Ithaca → Lefkada → Syvota → Corfu. 

Conclusion on yacht charter in Greece

There you go, now you know everything you need to know about yacht charter in Greece . Crossing the country from island to island aboard a catamaran or a sailboat is really one of the best ways to discover it and enjoy its dream landscapes. Good wind sailor!