Located between Jaipur , the city of precious stones and Jaisalmer , the fortified city at the gates of the Thar desert , Jodhpur is nicknamed the blue city. It is in my opinion an essential step in Rajasthan.

In caste times, the Brahmans painted their houses blue to distinguish themselves from others. Today this caste system no longer exists (finally is supposed to no longer exist since the 1950 constitution) but the tradition continues for two (good) reasons: one, the color repels the sun’s rays and two, it keeps the mosquitoes! Good to know, right ?

My favorite thing about Jodhpur, apart from walking through the alleys and the central market, is the Mehrangarh fort. It is certainly the largest and most dominating of all those visited in India. Inside this fortress hides an architectural marvel. Consisting of a succession of palaces (The palace of mirrors, the palace of pearls or the palace of flowers…), this fort reveals to us above all the splendours of the Maharajas of yesteryear. The details of the carved wood and stone facades, the doors, the mirrors, all the details are impressively meticulous. It takes a few hours to visit, enjoy and immerse yourself in this place steeped in history and anecdotes.

I highly recommend the audio-guided tour. She will tell you the stories of the Maharajas of Jodhpur, the blue city.