In the four corners of the world, capitals and large cities attract travelers eager for discovery. If beauty is subjective, some cities manage to achieve unanimity, offering incredible landscapes, unique or ancestral streets, emblematic monuments or open-air works of art. From Paris to Tokyo via New York, head for the 30 most beautiful cities in the world to explore for a fabulous city trip… or to drop off your luggage there for a longer period.
Visiting the most beautiful cities in the world is always an unforgettable experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in local culture and traditions as well as in the history of a country.

New York


New York has a unique beauty . This city that never sleeps attracts for its skyscrapers whose heights leave you speechless. Like a concrete jungle with inspiring shapes, the city is clearly the most attractive in the United States for its emblems known throughout the world. Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center , places to see at least once in your life. New York is also a vibrant and lively city, visiting it is a real experience to live in a lifetime.



Israel’s controversial capital is a real gem that will leave no visitor indifferent. At the heart of all religions, the holy city, over 4000 years old, conveys a lot of emotions. We visit it for its old town and the Wailing Wall of course, but not only. The city, Israeli pride, leaves to discover the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Temple Mount or the Mount of Olives. A single city.

Rio de Janeiro


The most famous city in Latin America, pride of Brazil, is always incredible to discover . Fine sandy beaches as far as the eye can see border the city, mixing huge buildings and high mountains like the Corcovado on which sits Christ the Redeemer, modern architecture and lush vegetation. Cultural discoveries, frenzied parties without forgetting its famous carnival, the solar Rio seduces all travelers who invite themselves there.

San Miguel de Allende


Hidden in the heart of Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende is a city that is not only beautiful, but also very calm . Its colonial past is particularly attractive since this city allows you to discover several old Mexican constructions revealing the history and the past of the country. The best way to appreciate San Miguel de Allende will be to stroll through its streets, getting lost between the popular restaurants where you can savor the local gastronomy or its lively markets. The Mexican city, located on the Miguel Hidalgo road, also offers a rich cultural life as well as a botanical garden built in the colonial era.



With its allure of a city straight out of fairy tales, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe . Favorite for a city trip of a few days, it attracts for its architecture as well as its bohemian atmosphere. Musicians, writers or filmmakers are the emblem of this mixture of arts so typical. Lovers of medieval atmospheres will appreciate the journey through time offered by Prague with its hundred towers, its Charles Bridge or its incredible astronomical clock.

Saint Petersburg


A port city on the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg was the country’s imperial capital for more than two centuries . It is still the cultural center of Russia, attracting thousands of travelers every year. Nicknamed the Venice of the North, Saint-Petersburg invites you to stroll around its canals by crossing its 300 bridges.

Famous for its extravagant palaces, its huge cathedrals, its brilliantly colored monuments which are covered with a delicate layer of white snow in winter, Saint-Petersburg also attracts visitors for its museums. Impossible to miss a visit to the Hermitage Museum which contains some of the most beautiful and precious masterpieces in the world.



Italy is of great beauty in its entirety. Small villages in Tuscany or the Cinque Terre, cultural cities with emblematic monuments… hard to choose just one… And yet, Venice stands out. Romantic city par excellence, deposited its precious canals and divided into hundreds of small islands, Venice is incredible. A veritable open-air museum, the singular Venice reveals the emblematic architecture of the Renaissance. Its gondolas, its Piazza San Marco and its little cafes and restaurants leave hundreds of travelers dreaming every year.



Straddling Europe and Asia, Turkey’s largest city is also a real marvel to discover . Cultures and traditions mingle in a perfect symbiosis, creating a unique and most cosmopolitan city. Once Byzantium then became Constantinople, Istanbul tells history, its history through walks along the Bosphorus as well as in the most emblematic places: the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern or the Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul seduces above all for its very changing districts, offering unusual walks with the air of a world tour.



In the heart of the former capital of Japan, time seems to stand still . Crossing the city is a real journey through time, where you will come across locals in traditional kimonos. Between the old districts with their architecture and heritage that have remained intact for hundreds of years and the modern districts, the contrast is striking. Sublime for its flora of great diversity, Kyoto is also the Japanese capital of cinema, a true cultural epicenter.

Between the old imperial villas, the 200 or so flower gardens of a thousand colors to explore or the more than 1600 Buddhist temples to admire, there is enough to amaze your eyes in Kyoto.



Bergen is located on the northwest coast of Norway, in the heart of the fjords – including the longest and widest in the country, the Sognefjord – surrounded by mountains. An iconic city, and certainly one of the most photographed in Norway and perhaps even the world, Bergen offers exceptional views. To fully enjoy it, do not miss a short trip along the Floibanen funicular to reach the top of Mount Floyen and let yourself be transported by the panoramic landscape.

Like Lisbon, Bergen is built on seven hills that allow you to gain height and discover the city and its varied neighborhoods in a different way . Nature lovers are seduced by this gateway to incredible hikes in the heart of Norway’s iconic mountains and fjords. Gastronomy, cultural discoveries in the birthplace of Edvard Munch and outdoor sports, there is something for everyone in Bergen.

The cap


Impossible to leave South Africa without having visited Cape Town . Founded in 1652, it is the southernmost city on the entire African continent. A multicultural city par excellence, its streets reveal its perfect alliance between European heritage and African culture. Virgin nature in the surroundings, explosion of colors and modernity in the heart of the city, paradisiacal beaches and captivating fauna: all the beauties of the world are gathered in Cape Town.

Installed on a small peninsula, the city can be discovered even better by taking the height with the funiculars which lead to places steeped in history such as Nelson Mandela’s prison.

Buenos Aires


Legendary city of tango, cosmopolitan city of a thousand colors, Buenos Aires has been attracting thousands of visitors for many years now. Nestled between the ocean and the southern lands, the surprising city is like a bridge between the old continent and the new world. It still testifies today to the years of immigration from the old continent. Moreover, the atmosphere of Southern Europe is found in the heart of Buenos Aires.

On Avenida de Mayo, the architecture gives an air of Madrid while the much more chic district of Recoleta gives the feeling of strolling through the streets of Paris. This city that never sleeps is perfect for night owls: here no one sleeps before 11 p.m., preferring to dance the tango until the end of the night. Culture lovers will also be seduced by the many museums or the many colorful street art works.



City of light, city of art, capital of fashion… Paris is for many the most beautiful city in the world . It is also one of the most visited cities each year by thousands of tourists from all over the world to admire this veritable open-air museum.

From the artists’ Montmartre to the Bastille and its history, from the islands bordered by the Seine to the grand boulevards, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre via Notre-Dame : everything is marvelous in Paris, the city of romanticism. Symbol of French culture, of gastronomy too, Paris invites you to discover as well as to take a walk. An unmissable capital.



Havana offers a surprising return to the past! Famous for its colorful colonial houses and its streets in which old cars circulate, the capital of Cuba looks like a movie set. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is a delight for architecture lovers.

Full of charm and gentleness, the city also seduces for its decadence . Jazz resonates in the city, from restaurants, terraces or apartments. The scent of cigars perfumes the air. A visit to make, to a salsa tune of course!



Capital of England and the United Kingdom, London is a vibrant, bustling city. Here, cosmopolism and tolerance are the rule, more than 50 nationalities live and rub shoulders on a daily basis. A large-scale metropolis, London is the ideal city for lovers of outings and entertainment: more than 10,000 restaurants, thousands of pubs to enjoy a beer (of course!), concerts, but also vintage shops to find eccentric and unique fashion.

Lungs of the city, the huge London parks offer refreshing walks with multiple activities . Trendy city, city of art (and street art), but also a city of tradition with many buildings of sublime architecture, London leaves no one indifferent.



Rome is an open-air museum. Seat of Christianity, the Italian capital transports you back in time thanks to these iconic monuments. From Saint Peter’s Basilica to the Colosseum, from the Trevi Fountain to the Vatican… centuries of history are told. Beyond its incredible cultural aspect and its magnificent architecture, Rome is also a city of the south, a beautiful, lively and singing Italian.

We enjoy the local gastronomy, we savor cappuccinos on small sunny terraces , we happily discover the Italian Dolce Vita. On foot, you get lost in the maze of streets to fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Rome.

New Orleans


Despite the tragic hurricane Katrina, which occurred in 2005 and decimated a large part of the population, New Orleans remains one of the most beautiful jewels of the United States . The city has a colorful and charming colonial architecture, inviting to walk, especially in the districts of the Vieux Carré. Impossible to visit New Orleans without hearing a few notes of jazz ! Cradle of this musical style, the city is full of streets animated by music and pubs where you can settle down to enjoy jazz without any moderation.



In the heart of Burma, Bagan is a magical city. From early morning aboard a hot air balloon to incredible sunsets in the evening, the city offers exceptional landscapes, especially from the top of the Bagan Viewing Tower, a panoramic terrace with a breathtaking 360° view. Full of softness, surrounded by vegetation in shades of green and emerald, Bagan is like a dream come true.

Its some 2,300 temples, stupas and pagodas are scattered across the landscape over more than 40 km . It is aboard a horse-drawn carriage or with an electric bicycle that the visit of Bagan will be the most appreciable, ideal for exploring the emblematic monuments, in particular the Ananda Pahto, the That Byin Nyu and the Dhammayan Gyi.



The Egyptian capital is one of the most incredible cities in the world. Emblematic city of the pharaohs, it offers to see the constructions counting among the most beautiful wonders of the world: the pyramids. These architectural masterpieces have impressed for hundreds of years, deposited in the heart of the desert, as if coming from nowhere. The discovery then continues in the Egyptian museum full of ancient treasures from the Pharaohs.

Crossed by the Nile, Cairo is a huge city that invites discovery and promises many surprises. Squares and markets allow you to fully understand Egyptian life. On the island of Greira, do not miss the small ascent of the Cairo tower to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city and its wonders.



Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quebec City is one of the most beautiful cities in the world . Divided between upper town and lower town, Quebec is perched on a rocky hill, but also crossed by the Saint-Laurent River. The alleys of old Quebec seem like an adorable theatrical setting where you can come for a walk on the beautiful Place Royale.

We discover with happiness the colonial history of the territory through the fortifications , we meet with pleasure the Château Frontenac or the imposing citadel of Quebec. Full of life, the city comes alive especially in the cobbled streets of the Petit-Champlain district where bistros and shops follow one another. A city where it is good to travel!



City at the end of the world, the most populated in Australia and the Oceanian continent in general, Sydney is also the oldest in the country . Perched on a peninsula, facing a magnificent bay, the town has managed to preserve its ancestral charm with great modernity. A must-see in Sydney, the Opera surprises with its ultra-modern architecture. However, it borders a much more historic district, the Rocks. A major metropolis, Sydney is also lined with heavenly beaches where you can swim, but also practice surfing.

Full of life, the capital invites you to discover the many ethnic groups that make it up . Small hidden ports, impressive Harbor Bridge, lush Royal Botanical Gardens, not forgetting the Sydney Tower whose top offers a 360° view of the city, it is very pleasant to visit the beautiful Australian.



Varanasi – formerly called Benares – is not only a beautiful city, but also one of the oldest cities in the world . Located in Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, Varanasi was founded in the 11th century BC! An emblematic holy place of Hinduism, it attracts millions of pilgrims every year who come to purify themselves in the waters of the Ganges. It is also here, on the river, that the Hindus come to die. The culture and traditions are intense, captivating, offering a real discovery of a unique universe.

In the heart of the old town built in a network, it is easy to get lost, to find cows and mopeds in all directions. Not to be missed during a stay in Varanasi: the Golden Temple (or Vishwanath is the master of the universe), one of the most important temples for Hindus, early morning prayers or the pyres of the Ghats.



A true jewel of Andalusia, nestled in southern Spain at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, Granada has a unique charm. The city is made up of small cobbled streets ending in isolated squares, hiding fountains or watchtowers at every street corner. To fully discover it, you have to get lost in it, let yourself be lulled by its charm from the Orient. The architecture testifies to the importance of Arab culture in Granada.

Unmissable, the citadel of the Alhambra reveals incredible mosaics to visitors . Perched on its hill, this fortified complex reveals royal palaces, patios, swimming pools, fountains and preserved orchards. A wonderful oasis in the heart of Andalusia.



Athens is the fruit of a history that spans millennia. Center of Greece today, already at the heart of ancient Greece in the past, center of a civilization as rich as it is powerful, Athens offers exceptional monuments and architecture to see. Unusual and multiple, the city changes face with each district, picturesque alleys in Plaka, near the Acropolis, lively and festive bistros in Psiri, trendy life near Gazi… there is something for all tastes and desires .

Despite the country’s financial difficulties, which have seen many businesses close their doors for good, Athens remains a sparkling city of rare and historic beauty with emblematic places to discover, such as the Parthenon, whose silhouette rises like a cloud in the heat of the the summer.



Lhasa the most beautiful highest city in the world! Located in China, the capital of Tibet rises to over 4200m above sea level. Cradled by a tributary of the Brahmaputra, Lhasa is an extremely sacred land for Tibetan and Chinese Buddhists. Forbidden to foreigners for several centuries, the city is finally opening up to the world to reveal its beauty. The old streets of Lhasa leave you dreaming while the modern city continues to grow, made of neon lights and lights. A striking contrast of culture on the roofs of the world.


Chiang Mai


Nicknamed “the rose of the north”, Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, just behind Bangkok . Student city, it teems with energy and animation, it is impossible to get bored! At the heart of its mountain landscapes, Chiang Mai is divided between a rich history and modernity. We like to walk there for its markets, its lively cafes, its old town and its many sacred temples.

Despite intense urban development, Chiang Mai has kept its nature made of tradition and simplicity , a provincial side full of charm that seduces visitors. It is a city rich in culture, which also reveals beautiful architecture, treasures of gastronomy and many craftsmen.



Chefchaouen has a magical beauty. Best known and most beautiful city in Morocco, Chefchaouen is nicknamed “the blue city” for its small white houses whose doors and windows are painted deep blue. Like a small village installed on its hill at 600m altitude and surrounded by nature, Chefchaouen is full of small squares and tourist alleys. We like to get lost in the hidden and steep alleys, ideal for appreciating all the uniqueness of the medina.

Among the essentials to discover, we note the Poi mosque, the historic site of Bab El Ain or Ras el Ma . Today very popular, the Moroccan city is all the more appreciated during an off-season visit…



Nagoya is without a doubt the most amazingly designed city in the world . This unique architecture is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A city of great modernity, it has not forgotten its charm of yesteryear which can be discovered in particular through its castle. This is a royal residence dating back to 1612 that now exhibits artifacts from the Edo period.

The third largest city in Japan, Nagoya is an economic and industrial center, the emblematic headquarters of the Toyota company. The Naka district will appeal to art lovers, who will find many museums there, but also gamblers who can come and try their luck in the Pachinko rooms (a kind of casino).



More than just a city in Jordan, Petra is a true archaeological site still inhabited by Bedouins . A marvel, surrounded by pink sandstone cliffs, one of a kind to discover at least once in your life. Despite the surrounding conflicts, the city located in the heart of the Middle East has remained a small haven of peace.

Nicknamed the Pink City, Petra dates back to 300 BC. This ancient capital of the Nabataean kingdom can be discovered by following the thread of a narrow canyon, the Sîq . Petra hides many remains, tombs and temples, carved out of the rock, including the most famous and unmissable: the Khazneh, a temple over 45 meters high whose ornate facade recalls the Greek style.



In the south of Croatia, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a surprising city. Its famous old town attracts thousands of visitors every year, eager to explore the ancient ramparts dating from the 16th century (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) which still surround it today. In the maze of small colorful alleys, the monuments can be discovered: Baroque church, Sponza palace in the Renaissance style or even the more Gothic Rector’s palace, a journey through time to meet the various architectures.

The pearl of the Adriatic, as it is often nicknamed , is a source of inspiration for the cinema, it also greatly inspired the Game of Thrones series since several scenes were shot in Dubrovnik itself and in Croatia in general.

After strolling through the heart of the city dotted with old artists’ houses, small stalls and art workshops, it’s nice to take some height. From the neighboring hill, a magnificent panorama allows you to appreciate the roundness of the city enclosed by its ramparts.