Traveling alone is an unparalleled experience that offers the opportunity to enjoy a different environment at the pace set by the traveler, without rushing, without pressure and enjoying everything that the selected destination can offer.

One of the first thoughts that may appear when considering the option of discovering a new destination alone is the fear of facing an unknown country without the support of anyone. In this sense, Thailand appears as one of the best possible destinations to live this experience since it is a safe country, with very low crime rates . In addition, Thais are characterized by being friendly, hospitable people who are used to receiving visits from tourists, so the most suitable Asian country to enjoy a solo trip is without a doubt Thailand.

Traveling alone should not be faced as a complicated challenge, quite the opposite. It is a wonderful opportunity to surpass oneself, to discover the world from our own point of view , letting ourselves be carried away by those little details that arouse our interest and that will allow us to get to know the selected destination in depth.

Traveling alone to Thailand has a large number of advantages, among which the following can be highlighted:

Total freedom of action and movement

When you travel alone you set the schedules, you decide when you go to a certain place, when you get up or when you take a break in a certain corner. It is the greatest possible expression of freedom when traveling.

There are no confrontations

When traveling in a group it is inevitable that on certain occasions disagreements arise that can lead to arguments. When you travel alone, these situations do not arise , you make the decisions at all times and nobody contradicts you.

great personal growth

Facing a solo trip will allow you to grow as a person since you will have to solve each situation that comes your way on your own, without counting on anyone. Any victory will be a real pride for you, you’ll see.

you meet more people

Traveling alone allows you to meet more people. The human being needs to relate, so when you travel alone, you end up meeting more people than if you travel accompanied .

Travel alone to Thailand to meet people

But traveling without company can also have certain drawbacks , among which the following stand out and it is convenient that you know before starting to pack:

May be more expensive

When you travel alone , all expenses are borne by you , so in the end the outlay made on the trip is greater for you than if you share the trip with other people.

A feeling of loneliness may appear

Traveling without your inner circle can make you feel lonely in certain circumstances.

If after reading all this you still have the idea of ​​discovering Thailand alone, don’t worry, here are some travel tips, recommendations on how to get around, where to stay in Thailand and safety tips so you can enjoy your trip in lonely in the best possible way. We also indicate some social aspects, so if you want to meet people in Thailand, don’t forget to read this section !


Eager to embark on your adventure in Thailand? If so, first of all, it is better that you know a series of facts about your destination so that you can plan your trip in the best possible way. Here’s some detailed information every solo traveler should know before heading to Thailand.

1. Location

Thailand is one of the forty-nine countries that make up the Asian continent. Its capital is Bangkok, a city that stands out for its great commercial, political and industrial activity.

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, bordering Laos to the east, Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast, and the Andaman Sea, Burma, and Malaysia to the south.

Thailand has an area of ​​513,120 square km. It was initially known as Prathet Thai, a name that first appeared in 1939. Prathet means country and Thai means free in Thai.

Thailand can be divided into three well-differentiated zones:

  • The north zone. It is made up of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.
  • The west coast. Here are the cities near the Adaman Sea, Phuket and Krabi.
  • the east coast It is made up of Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

map to travel alone to thailand

2. Demography

Thailand has about 65,500,000 inhabitants, making it the 20th most populous country in the world . About 75% of the ethnic population is Thai, 14% is of Chinese origin, and 3% is of Malay origin. The rest of the population belongs to minority groups such as Khmer, hill tribes or Mons.

3. Weather

Thailand is a country with a humid tropical climate, so it is always hot . Anyway, the climate of the country is made up of three seasons which are known as the rainy or monsoon season, the cool season and the hottest season.

The rainy season is from May to October , the coolest from November to February and the hottest from March to April .

During the months of November to February the weather in Thailand is cooler and temperatures are more pleasant. In addition, the chances of precipitation are less. It is precisely during this period of the year when it is more advisable to travel to Thailand , these being the months in which there is a greater influx of tourists in this destination. If you dare to visit Thailand during the cooler season, remember to pack light clothing, but one that will provide you with some warmth in case the temperatures are too cool for you. A mid-season jacket can be your best travel companion.

During the months of March and April, in the hot season , temperatures are higher and humidity increases compared to the previous season. If you travel to Thailand during this period of time, pack your suitcase with summer clothes, the high temperatures will accompany you during your adventure.

During the rainy season , which runs from May to October , temperatures drop compared to previous months and the chances of rain are greater. Rainfall is usually short and intense, so it is not really a problem for tourists who decide to visit Thailand during these months. Of course, boat trips to nearby islands can be affected by the weather. If you want to get to know Thailand during this period of time, it is better that you put a jacket in your suitcase in case it cools down one day. Although this is a cooler time, keep in mind that temperatures do not usually drop below 27 degrees , so it is not necessary to take too thick clothes.

4. Lifestyle

The Thais are Buddhists, an aspect that is reflected in their daily lives as they are governed by the precepts that mark this religion. They always take into account the forms, courtesy, conduct and correctness in the treatment . The Thais seek a coexistence in which respectful and peaceful harmony predominates. They avoid confrontations and anger at all costs, since otherwise the spirits could get angry.

Thais do not greet in the same way as in the West, you do not hear a good morning or good night. They use the word “Sawadee” for both day and night , accompanying this word with a movement that consists of joining the hands and lowering them at the same time as the head. This greeting is known by the name of “Wai”.

Traditional Thai greeting

When you go to eat at a restaurant to enjoy Thai cuisine, you will always find a fork and spoon on the table. The spoon is used with the right hand as a knife and the fork with the left hand, which is used to push and put the food on the spoon. It is rude to put your fork in your mouth, although they are very tolerant of travelers and forgive them when they put their forks in their mouths. They do not use knives because the food is served cut up.

Keep in mind when planning your trip that there are many shops in Thailand that require a minimum purchase to pay with credit cards, which is not always met, especially in street food stalls. Therefore, it is important that you always carry some cash .

5. Access requirements

To enter Thailand you need a valid passport, valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country. Visas are not required for Spanish citizens for tourist stays . The maximum period of stay in the country without a visa is 30 days, which can be extended for another 30 days at the immigration offices at the Thai embassy.

An exit ticket from Thailand is required to enter the country by air. Although it is a legal obligation, the receipt of the ticket is not always requested from tourists, but it is convenient that you have it.

The mandatory vaccine to travel to Thailand is yellow fever for people who have been in a country where it is an endemic disease.


In Thailand there is a wide variety of accommodation. You can find very varied options that can suit all tastes and pockets. Below, we give you some recommendations and advice related to accommodation in Thailand.

1. Backpacker style hostels

Those tourists who are looking for simple accommodation with the basic amenities will find backpacker-style hostels that can meet their needs. This type of accommodation is a great option for those who do not want to feel alone during their time in Thailand.

2. Hotels with good value for money

The hotel offer in Thailand is enormous. You can find cheap hotels, dream resorts and luxury hotels. It is recommended that you get to know the wide range of hotels that this country has before you start your adventure so that you can choose between the different existing options.

3. Cabins and country houses

One of the most interesting accommodation options in Thailand are the cabins and country houses that offer the opportunity to enjoy a different stay. Throughout the country you can find interesting offers in this type of accommodation where you can live a different experience, offering great freedom of movement and comfort.

travel to Thailand staying in country houses

4. Couchsurfing

“Couchsurfing” is a way of traveling that allows you to discover destinations through its residents. It consists of sharing day-to-day life with local people, where the inhabitants offer free accommodation to tourists who visit the country. In essence, “couchsurfing” means something similar to “looking for a couch” but the options are endless. This form of accommodation is a great way to connect with local people, learn about their customs and immerse yourself in their daily life .

5. Vacation rentals

In Thailand there is the option of opting for vacation rentals that are usually a cheaper alternative to the traditional accommodation offer. Airbnb is the best known vacation rental option, although there are others.


When you plan your trip to Thailand, you will surely have a question, how to move around the country safely and economically. If you want to know the different ways in which you can tour Thailand, then we will tell you in detail.

1. Tuk-Tuk

The most curious means of transport in Thailand is without a doubt the tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled motorcycle used by both locals and tourists to get around. In addition to being a tuk-tuk, this unique motorcycle is also called “samlor” which means three wheels. In addition, the name of tuk-tuk emulates the noise of the engine of old motorcycles, the sound that this means of transport emits.

This means of transport is the most used in Bangkok and Chiang Mai where traffic jams are a real daily problem. In addition, they are often used for the transport of fresh products. It can be an interesting option for the transfer to the hotel when you arrive at your destination.

If you decide to use this means of transport during your stay in Thailand, you should know that the rates vary depending on the traffic and the driver. It is convenient that you negotiate the price since the driver usually asks, as a general rule, for more than necessary.

Travel alone to Thailand with TukTuk

2. Songthaews

The word “songthaew” or “sawntaew” means two rows in Thai. These are vans or trucks with a modified rear end . Inside there are two rows of seats located lengthwise. To get into this van you must enter from behind and the windows are always open. The only limitation in this means of transport is the number of people who can get on. There is no restriction on the luggage that can be carried.

It is the official means of transport for Thais, so it is very cheap . It is used above all for short distances, within cities such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai. It can also be used to cover greater distances in the mountains of the north or on the beaches of the south.

3. Longtail boats

The “longtail boat” is a boat with a long tail. It is a traditional means of transport that has a very particular design. They are made of wood, are long in length and have a pointed bow. They are dressed in colored scarves that are placed so that the crew members are protected from evil spirits and can return safely.

These types of boats can carry between eight and twenty passengers and can be seen touring the Chao Phraya River in their floating markets. There are “longtail boats” for private use or for rent. It is used above all to travel along the coast, for aquatic excursions.

4. Bus

Touring Thailand by bus is a very common practice, since in this country there are many cities to visit and getting around in this means of transport is one of the best options available. Buses in Thailand have a very good reputation. There are public and private. The public buses are usually a bit old and not very comfortable, so it may not be the best option if you want to travel a long distance for which it is better to opt for a private bus .

There are several places where you can buy bus tickets. In the bus station itself is one of these places, but you can also buy it in a travel agency that is in the city. Another alternative is to purchase the ticket from an online tour operator.

5. Train

In Thailand there are several long-distance train connections during the day and at night that run through different parts of the country. All routes have the station as their point of origin. The central station that is located in Bangkok. As for the categories offered by Thai train cars, there are sleeping cars of various classes (class 1, class 2 and class 3).

Travel alone to Thailand by train


Traveling alone can bring situations in which loneliness makes an appearance. It may be that at the beginning of your stay you feel that you have to make an effort to start a conversation with other people, but little by little you will see that it is a much more natural action for you. In Thailand you will find many occasions to socialize . Next, we show you some of them.

1. At the hostel

If you stay in a hostel you will be able to meet many people in a simple way, since many of these accommodations offer workshops and carry out various activities in which interacting with other people is very easy.

2. Group excursions

Another option to meet people is to hire a group excursion. You can choose to visit an emblematic place such as the golden triangle where the Wat Phra temple is located or to do a sporting activity. Whichever option you choose, you will find many opportunities to meet people .

Group tours traveling alone to Thailand

3. Social networks

Another alternative to be able to interact with people during your stay is to take advantage of local festivities or celebrations in the area where you are staying . Silom night market is a good example. To obtain this type of information there is nothing better than to investigate the area.

4. Apps online

There are some apps that you can download when you arrive in Thailand . These applications have a chat that will put you in contact with other tourists in the area. One piece of advice, always be cautious and stay with those people you meet in public places to avoid incidents.

5. Workshops with locals

In Thailand, different handicraft, handicraft and art workshops are organized, among others. If you sign up for this type of workshop organized by local people, you will be able to meet other people with the same tastes as you. They can inform you about the days and times of this type of workshop at tourist offices or online.

Craft workshop in Thailand


Thailand is one of the best solo travel destinations, but you should never forget to take basic safety precautions. Do not forget that the MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation) recommends traveling with travel insurance with the widest possible coverage . If you are going to carry out risky activities or sports, you must have special insurance.

Do not forget that Thailand has a high rate of road accidents, deaths from motorcycle accidents have increased considerably. Therefore, it is convenient that you exercise extreme caution if you are going to rent a motorcycle to move around the country.