Many people look up to the winter period. It gets dark faster and the temperatures drop. In addition, the chance of rain is also many times greater than in summer. Especially for people who work outside it is a time to get through. To protect yourself from the cold it is important to wear good work clothes. In this article I will give you a number of tips to optimally prepare for the winter period.


It is important to have a good jacket. A jacket must fit well and be cold resistant. In addition, a jacket also offers protection against the rain. This way you can keep your clothes dry, so you won’t get cold as quickly. A tricorp jacket is a good example of such a jacket. There are different types of jackets. There are jackets that offer protection against extreme weather conditions and against light weather conditions. In the Netherlands, a jacket that offers protection against light weather conditions is often sufficient.

hat and gloves

There are several accessories to protect yourself from the cold. A hat provides good protection, because it mainly covers your head and ears. Only a hat cannot be worn in every sector. For example, if you work in construction, it is mandatory to wear a helmet. Another accessory that offers good protection against the cold are gloves. Nowadays there are many different models available. From thin gloves to thick gloves. In the winter period you see almost everyone walking around with gloves, because there is nothing more annoying than walking around with cold hands.