A trip to the United States marks every visitor forever! A country so surprising and magnificent where one encounters a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, climates, etc. A country often synonymous with “success stories” where millions of migrants have come from all over the world to aspire to a better life with just a few dollars in their pockets when they arrive. Each state and each city has its own identity, which makes the charm of the USA. From New York City to San Francisco, via Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles , this country will never cease to amaze you wherever you go.

Also go on an adventure in the heart of the United States, more traditional, more authentic with contrasting and breathtaking wild landscapes. It will take much more than a single trip to be able to understand and soak up this country with a thousand facets. Let’s go!

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ID card

Population: 308 million inhabitants. Area: 9,363,123 km² Capital: Washington DC Language: English + Spanish in the West of the USA Currency: US dollar Regime: presidential democracy

Entry formalities

Valid passport. No visa for stays of less than 3 months. Obligation to fill out the ESTA, a form that replaces the one that was filled out on planes. It must be completed a maximum of 72 hours before departure. The official website: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov

Jet lag

D’est en ouest : GMT -5h (Eastern Standard), GMT -6h (Central Standard), GMT -7h (Mountain Standard), GMT -8h (Pacific Standard)


110V. Provide universal adapter



Emergency number


French Embassy in the USA

4101 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007 – tél. +1 (202) 944 6000 ; [email protected]

US Embassy in France

2, avenue Gabriel 75008 Paris – tel. +33 (0)1 43 12 22 22; www.france.usembassy.gov

When to go / Weather

Summer being the major vacation season for Americans, it is best to travel to the United States in autumn or early spring, while planning not to fall during the Spring Break period.

Budget / Argent

1$ = 0,75€  et  1€ = 1,35$

Credit cards are accepted everywhere as well as travelers checks. Change your euros in exchange offices or in banks. Take some Dollars with you and you will change the rest on the spot.

Accommodation Economy budget: less than $40 Average budget: between $40 and $80 High budget: more than $80

Catering Economy budget: less than $12 Average budget: between $12 and $25 High budget: more than $25

Health security

No sanitary problem in the USA. Take out international health insurance with repatriation because medical costs are very expensive. Bring a complete first aid kit to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Take provisions with you in case of long journeys because some gas stations are very far from each other. Do not venture into sensitive neighborhoods at night. Be careful with animals in national parks (bears, grizzly bears, etc.)

Unmissable places

Miami et Key West

New Orleans and Louisiana

The Rocky Mountains

New York City


The major national parks

San Francisco


Las Vegas

Route 66

La route Transamerica

Prepare your itinerary

There are many ways to discover the United States, but it is important to prepare your trip well in order to make the most of it. But it all depends first on the type of trip you want to do. Discover only one city, like New York? Make a circuit in a State? Crossing the United States on one of the mythical roads? Get completely out of your way and go on an adventure in North America by traveling through several countries? In any case, it is advisable not to make your trip on the run and to adapt the stages of the trip according to its duration, in order to take full advantage of each place visited. It will then be necessary to choose the city of arrival and departure by plane to define the beginning and the end of the stay or the circuit.

Then we have the choice to move around the country with domestic flights over long distances, or choose the road-trip alternative and take a tour by car, motorhome or Harley Davidson on route 66! This solution brings much more freedom and allows you to soak up more of the country. There is no doubt that an adventure like this leaves unforgettable memories. To define your travel itinerary, you can take inspiration from forums and travel blogs on which you can find a wealth of information and feedback. You can also draw your route by taking inspiration from specialized sites such as Authentik USA or Authentik Canada if you want to continue the adventure of discovering Canada.